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Cooling Towers 

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Canara manufactures a wide range of axial flow fans for cooling towers from 2’ to 33’diameter. The blades are adjustable pitch, high efficient aerofoil design. The fan blades are either of cast aluminum alloy or FRP (Fibre reimforced plastic) . The resin used for FRP blades is either vinyl ester or epoxy grade . Wear resistant lining is provided on the leading edge of FRP blade.

The fan hubs are available in cast iron , hot dip galvanized steel and stain less steel grades.

Smaller fans are dynamically or statically balanced. However , in case of large fans, hubs are statically or dynamically balanced and each blade is moment balanced. Match marking is done on each blade and on fan hub.

The fans are selected optimally to obtain high efficiency based upon the required air flow rate and static pressure.

Canara also offers Cofimco Make axial flow fans.

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