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Consulting Design



Canara’s experienced engineering team brings you the highest value solutions for any cooling tower problem . Every solution is custom designed.

Our door is always open to provide you with advice. We will help you to :

      1. Choose the right type of cooling (exemple crossflow, counterflow , natural draft spray , etc.)

      2. Decide on construction materials that meets your needs like FRP , wood , concrete etc. and verify that they co- relate with the process water , climate and other site conditions.

      3. Chose the right design point for your application thereby optimizing thermal efficiency , increasing energy savings and working within the space constraints and budget considerations.

      4. Solve operational problems such as high fan noise level, clogging , dust and sun effects , bad water quality etc.

Canara’s Engineering team will work with the closely throughout the process of designing , budgeting and planning your cooling tower until the right solution is targeted.

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