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Canara manufactures timber counterflow cooling towers using vide varieties of film and splash fills.

The cooling towers are heavy duty designed for Industrial applications.

The timber is chemically pressure treated after fabrication, using CCA chemicals by the full cell process to a minimum chemical retention of 12 kg/m3, as per IS – 401 Code, to protect the wood from decay & attack by termites and other micro organisms, to get a longer life.

The Treated lumber is the most economical material used in cooling towers. The chemically treated timber can withstand high levels of chlorides, sulfates and hydrogen sulfide.

The film fills used are of 12 mm, 19 mm, 27mm flute sizes & of non – clogging type, selected based upon the circulating water quality. However for dirty or bad quality circulating water, splash fills like opti grid, Turbo splash are generally used.

Generally the film fill material is of poly vinyl chloride (PVC). However for hot water temp above 55 deg. C, ABS material is used.

For dirty or bad quality circulating water, opt grid splash fills or turbo splash fills manufactured out of poly propylene(PP) are used.



Water flow rate
50m3/hr/cell to 4000 m3/hr /cell
Induced draft counter flow
Field Erected
Chemically Treated Timber
Film fills 12 mm, 19 mm, 27mm flute sizes & non –clogging type. Opti grid or Turbo splash fills or PVC perforated splash bars of various designs stacked on GRP or stainless steel wire grids (304 or 316 grade)
Fan drive
Direct drive for fans up to 10' dia meter. Gear drive for fans from 8' to 33' dia meter
HDG steel and stainless steel grades (304 or 316 grade)
Cladding & Louvers
Corrugated FRP or Cement sheet
Fan blades
FRP or cast aluminum alloy
Drift eliminator
Drive Shaft
Carbon composite, stainless steel, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel etc.
Hot water distribution piping
FRP or PVC main pipe & PVC branch pipes.
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