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Canara designs, manufactures , supplies a wide variety of slat conveyors as per Indian standards These conveyors are extremely versatile due to their simple design and construction.

Slat conveyor can carry heavy load of steeper angles and also easily be made to change slope for loading and unloading.

Maintenance and tracking problems with these conveyors are minimum. Although they are often used for light & medium – duty package handling, are also excellent for heavy loads and rough treatment.


Slat conveyors can be used for severe applications such as handling hot, oily , abrasive materials where rubber or canvas belt conveyors are impractical. Slat conveyors can be made of wood , formed steel and structural steel slats.

Slat conveyors are versatile in handling a multitude of products , from raw materials through manufacturing process to finished products.
Conveyors have slats attached to a double strand steel side bar bushed roller chains and are available in all practical width, length and heights.
The type slat is determined by size weight and properties of products being conveyed.

Features and Benefits

Known for long production life with the least amount of maintenance and repair.
Extremely versatile in handling multiple products.
Are continuous moving surface to which clamping and fixing can be provided to accommodate them.
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