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Canara designs, manufactures , supplies a wide variety of chain conveyors as per Indian and CEMA standards

Some of the chain conveyors , we manufactures are :

Drag chain conveyors
En masse conveyors
Scrapper conveyors
Apron conveyors
Redler chain conveyors

The chain conveyor consists of continuous chain that travels the length of the conveyor, transmitting the pull from the driving unit and in some cases carrying the whole weight of the materials being conveyed. Wide range of materials of construction including carbon steel,stainless Steel grades and abrasion resistant steel are available.

The material is carried or pushed by the chain or special attachment fitted on the chains.

The chain conveyors are designed for horizontal , vertical and inclined conveying in different widths and lengths as per the customers requirement.

Some of the advantages of Canara’s chain conveyors :

• Economical
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Multiple feeding and discharge points.
• Various material of construction to suit process requirement.
• Quiet operation.
• Totally air light and dust free operation.
• No internal disturbance or pressure on materials. Hence no degeneration or damage to materials.
• Handles vertically all types of bulk products
• They offer versatility to plant layout.
• Ideal for dry and free flowing materials.
• Materials are static and move en-masse by chain or peddles.
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